Camino day 2 – Paris

Today’s photos can be viewed here. Today’s prayer intention: our parish priests Fr Mark, Fr Roy, and Fr Augusto and the priests of our diocese.

We flew into France and took a train to Paris where we booked a small room in a hostel. Very appropriate feel for the beginning of this Camino journey.

The cheapest place in Paris. But clean and comfortable.

We slept hard and slept in to get over the jet leg. The second day we had to see a couple of sites in Paris. It was a good transition day as we walked about 10 miles to Notre Dame, then to the Eiffel Tower, and then back to the hostel.

Nothing really made our heart leap except this moment when we found a small church with an adoration chapel… And Jesus is present in the Tabernacle in the Eucharist!

St John Paul II chapel

Lisa and I talked about how Paris is nice. These major attractions were nice to visit. But nothing really moved our hearts today like this moment alone in a chapel with the Lord.

Tomorrow we head to Lisieux to visit the home and convent of St Therese of Lisieux.

Today’s photos can be viewed here. Today’s prayer intention: our parish priests Fr Mark, Fr Roy, and Fr Augusto and the priests of our diocese.

Until tomorrow… Buen Camino!!

Camino 2022 – Day 1

Today is the day! We hop on a plane and will not be back again for 2 months.

A little heavy but manageable…

We plan to chronicle our journey each day gathering all of our photos and videos into a Google photos album. That way we don’t have to inundate social media with hundreds of pictures!

I invite you to follow along with our journey and to pray with us as we walk the Way of St James on the Camino de Santiago.

Buen Camino

Our house looks like a religious order lives here!

My wife decided to take home all of the new cassocks and surplice from the parish so they could be washed and ironed. WOW – that is a lot of black fabric!!

But – they have made their way to the parish and will now be ready for a fresh look for all our altar servers! I am so excited to see this change in the parish! Truth, beauty, and goodness are the marks of the Kingdom of God….and indeed…the marks of His Holy Church!

Some are a little too long for the closets though!!

Lift high the cross


We remember our Lady of Sorrows. The blessed Virgin Mary is pierced through her heart with the Passion of Christ. Actions speak louder than words. She stood in silence at the foot of the cross gazing upon her own flesh and blood, her son. Yet willingly embracing the will of the Father. Holy Mary pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. 

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Sacred Heart of Jesus, Pierced Heart of Mary, Chaste Heart of St Joseph

Preparing for the Camino – 2 Weeks To Go

I awoke today to celebrate the 6 year anniversary of my wife and daughters entering into full communion with the Catholic church! What a wonderful day that was, and a wonderful 6 years it has been!

My oldest daughter was confirmed in the church just a couple of months before this – and so we once again were united on the same “Camino” – the same way of faith in the Catholic church.

Today I also am looking forward to two weeks until Lisa and I leave once again for the Camino de Santiago. Just two weeks after she was confirmed in the church, Lisa and I had our 1st weekend of formation for the permanent diaconate and then left just a couple of days after that for the Camino.

That was such an amazing experience of spiritual formation which was then followed by 6 years of formation to be ordained a Deacon in the church.

Now, we return once again – just two short weeks from now – to walk the entire 500 miles from St Jean Pied De Port to Santiago de Compostela.

The first time was cut short because of work and not having enough time. The first time was a walk of penance and to prepare us for the 6 years of formation to come.

This time, we walk in gratitude. We walk to draw closer to the Holy Spirit, to walk daily with Jesus, and entrust ourselves more fully to the will of the Father. Who knows what God is preparing us for next in our “Camino” of life? But we know our destination – to become saints and find our home in Heaven in God’s glorious Kingdom!

Just a few memories from 2016 – as we now prepare our hearts and our souls to welcome the work of the Spirit as we follow on “The Way of St James”…..Buen Camino!

(Photos from 2016)

Pressing Moral Issues of Our Day

What a brilliant commentary on the current political positions surrounding abortion. Bishop Barron makes it clear, this is not just Catholic dogma or generally Christian principles. It is basic moral reasoning.

And as such – abortion should be stopped to protect the life of the unborn.

Ok just a test

So this is a test to see where this goes.  I sent this from my email hoping that somehow, I might start to get into the habit of blogging again.  There is something therapeutic about sharing my thoughts out in the open.   Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram just don’t do it.  The rest of the platform is just too busy, too noisy I think.

So we will see where this goes.  I do plan to journal/blog more from the Camino de Santiago – now just 59 days away!  So much to share about these last 6 years of formation as well.  And of course, life as I now know it as a Deacon in the church.

So this is a test.  Did I pass?  We will see if I continue.  Perhaps the real test is to persevere.

“Nil nisi te, Domine”

A Short Visit to the Blessed Sacrament Before Meditation

A Short Visit to the Blessed Sacrament Before Meditation

In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

"I place myself in the presence of Him, in whose Incarnate Presence I am before.
I place myself there.
I adore Thee, O my Saviour, present here as God and man, in soul and body, in true flesh and blood.

I acknowledge and confess that I kneel before that Sacred Humanity, which was conceived in Mary’s womb and lay in Mary’s bosom; which grew up to man’s estate, and by the Sea of Galilee called the Twelve, wrought miracles, and spoke words of wisdom and peace; which in due season hung on the cross, lay in the tomb, rose from the dead, and now reigns in heaven.

I praise, and bless, and give myself wholly to Him, Who is the true Bread of my soul, and my everlasting joy.
(by John Henry Newman)

A reflection on the Angelus

Every day I pray the Angelus at 12 pm, taught to me by my Deacon mentor, Deacon Fred Grant who went on to eternal life in December 2020. It is a practice I am so grateful for that he taught me. The prayer is this:

As I prayed today and gazed upon a photo of the Blessed Virgin Mary, holding the baby Jesus, I thought about the meaning of her life. It struck me that it is no wonder why the devil so pushes abortion in the world. The great work Mary did was to say "Yes" to God’s will and carry a baby in her womb to term, give birth, and raise the child to adulthood. Of course, this was no ordinary child, but the Word of God made flesh as we pray in the 3rd stanza of the prayer.

It is no wonder why the evil one hates, and fears, the Virgin Mary. She humbly lived a hidden life for 30 years with Jesus. She said very little in the scriptures that we know. Phrases like, "Be it done unto me according to thy word", and "My soul magnifies the Lord", as well as "Do whatever he tells you".

I hope to embrace her humility more and more in the coming years., to relish a hidden life, and to say "Yes" to God’s will with my whole being. May the life of the Lord Jesus be born in all of us.

Why I am Catholic

Here is a homily project I worked on recently for my studies at Saint Leo University. This is for my Ecclesiology class – the study of the church.

We were to pick a scripture passage to preach on that dealt with issues within the church, in order to express complex Ecclesiological ideas to our parish. I chose the “Feast of the Chair of St Peter” to talk about why Peter, the keys of the kingdom, and the office of the Pope changed everything for me….and paved the way for me to enter the Catholic church.

Just seeing her in the dress wrecked me!

This morning my daughter is having a dress test party with the women in our family. I planned to work remotely for the morning to keep out of the way – but with limited places to work from the road – I decided to come back home.

When I came in, she was just coming down the stairs in her first dress – a beautiful white wedding dress. I melted, sobbed, and just crumbled!

What am I going to do next year when I see her coming down the aisle??

Waiting for the Kingdom

Today is day #2 of the election in 2020.  The campaigns are waging their legal battles, people are gathering in the streets and protesting, making noise and getting agitated. 

I am turning my heart towards the Kingdom of God.  As Christians we need to remember that our true home is not here in the Earth.  We are all on pilgrimage towards the Kingdom to come.  Today especially, I say “Maranatha”…“Come Lord Jesus Christ!