Ok just a test

So this is a test to see where this goes.  I sent this from my email hoping that somehow, I might start to get into the habit of blogging again.  There is something therapeutic about sharing my thoughts out in the open.   Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram just don’t do it.  The rest of the platform is just too busy, too noisy I think.

So we will see where this goes.  I do plan to journal/blog more from the Camino de Santiago – now just 59 days away!  So much to share about these last 6 years of formation as well.  And of course, life as I now know it as a Deacon in the church.

So this is a test.  Did I pass?  We will see if I continue.  Perhaps the real test is to persevere.

“Nil nisi te, Domine”

Published by Richard Ferris

I am a pilgrim on a journey of faith. I came into full communion with the Catholic church in 2012. I was ordained a permanent Deacon in the diocese of Orlando in 2022. My pilgrimage continues until one day I reach my home in the heavenly Kingdom.

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